Thirst Aid

For the past three weeks I’ve slowly become addicted to the magical effects of caffeine, without which I would not have been able to pull off those late nights I so desperately needed for revision. However, exams are now over for me and I no longer need to drink gallons of inky black coffee to prevent myself passing out into a pile of textbooks, so what to drink instead now the summer is here?

If you still need your caffeine fix then a Frappuccino is the way forward: the perfect blend of coffee, crushed ice and milk just blitzed up in a blender. These are lovely when a shot of caramel syrup is added, and make the perfect cooling drink on a summer’s day; especially if you need the added wake-up call from good old Mr Caffeine.

Another great option is a simple Smoothie. These are great for those of you who want to go ‘cold turkey’ after the caffeine fuelled revision of the past few weeks. These are so simple to make and help you get a couple of your elusive ‘five a day’. Again all you need is a blender, with ice, and some fresh fruit; just throw all your ingredients into the blender and blitz it- the beauty of the Smoothie is that you can use almost any fruit in them and they turn out great. If you’re feeling a little less healthy then blending Jammy Dodgers with ice cream and milk will make the ultimate treat.

If you have friends over Smoothies are excellent, as you can make a big batch up and there is plenty to go around. If you really fancy it you can also add your favourite tipple to get your very own quick cocktail. One of the simplest homemade cocktails is made by filling up your blender with ice, adding vodka (the amount depends on how strong you want the mix), and finally adding an equal mix of orange juice and cranberry juice until the blender is full. Just blitz it, and there you have it; your very own Sex on The Beach. For the more adventurous among you (or those prepared to go further than just purchasing the students spirit of choice, ‘value’ vodka) add a splash of peach schnapps, perfect for sipping out in the sun with friends. Cheers!

Miles Harrison


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