Why Not Try Water Polo?

Essentially a mixture of swimming, rugby, wrestling and handball mashed together, water polo is a sport as famous for its intense physical demands as it is for a reputation of extreme violence. Despite this state of disrepute, water polo’s subtlety actually goes far beyond being simply ‘UFC in a pool.’ Throw a ball and two goals into the equation and you find teams conjuring up offensive and defensive manoeuvres that would put a Jose Mourinho side to shame.

The sport requires supreme physical fitness, in order to be constantly swimming from one end of the pool to the other seeking possession of the ball. But the University’s team captains and coaches ensure every new member is given the both training and opportunities, in order to build him or herself into an adept player over the course of the year.

Both the men and women of Nottingham’s Water Polo Club compete in a BUCS competition, as well as leagues with other British Universities, and a competition for local Midlands clubs. This ensures a busy calendar of games all year round, giving every member the opportunity to play in a competitive match day atmosphere, no matter what their ability.

On a social level, although the club is still in a state of shock and dismay following the rejection of their port and cheese ‘Brielash’ social as a nomination for the AU ‘Event of the Year’ award, all members nonetheless are able to get by with a mix of socials to Cr-Isis along with a variety of other types across the year. No water polo player at the University of Nottingham is ever bored, and there is something to take part in for everyone.

Training is Tuesday (9.30pm-10.30), Thursday (6.30pm-7.30), and Sunday (5.00pm-6) at the University Pool.

Andrew Speer


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