Live Review: DZ Deathrays @ Rescue Rooms 23/10/11

As I type this review, I can’t hear the clatter of the keyboard or the background chaos of the ensuing Hallward madness. All I can hear is a constant, high pitched buzzing – but I guess I’m not alone. Anyone who saw DZ Deathrays last night at Rescue Rooms will be in a similar situation. The New Zealanders entertained an admittedly small crowd last night, upstairs at the Rescue Rooms, but the limited space did not stop them from smashing the decibel ratings.

Support came from completely insane Nottingham locals Baby Godzilla, who sound like hardcore, punk and thrash all shouting at each other. With their Biffy Clyro lookalike singer, they started the proceedings by leaping into the somewhat alarmed crowd, chucking themselves around in the most violent dancing I’ve ever witnessed. They were diving around, crashing into the floor, smashing round the crowd with all the enthusiasm of drunken air-guitarists, impressively whilst actually playing guitar. Baby Godzilla – staccato guitars, nuclear screaming and a general assault on your ears, but a delight live even if that’s not your kinda thing.

DZ Deathrays strolled through the hyped crowd to take the stage, looking rather babyfaced and with a general air of a little brother’s band, awkwardly jamming in a garage. And they are exactly the kind of band you would not want in your garage. Once again, volume levels were turned up to 14 (well, even iPlayer goes up to 11) as they kicked off with clouds of fuzz guitar and a wall of drumming, which dissolved into thrashy shoegaze with more pedals than a bike factory. Perhaps their closest similarity are noise-rockers Death From Above 1979, although with one guitarist rather than a bassist, which lends them a slightly less heavy sound, with more melodic riffs. Chaotic, enthralling but certainly suffering from the small crowd and lack of moshing, DZ Deathrays should be turning up on the Lock Up stage at Reading and Leeds fairly soon if their debut matches the fury and hooks of their EPs. Check out glorious, jerky builder ‘The Mess Up’ and the shambolic ‘Cops Capacity’ if you feel your day would be brightened by loud dirty thrash.

Kat Rolle

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    It’s since been pointed out to me that Brisbane is in fact in Australia… my bad.

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