A Stylish Thief

Set duplicates from the Spring/Summer Collection 2012 by Marc Jacobs were reported stolen from their cases, en route from Paris to London. Originally feared to be the entire collection, it was found that several secondary copies of the original pieces has gone missing whilst being transported. Despite an investigation being opened up shortly afterwards by Scotland Yard, it remains unclear whether the theft was a spontaneous heist or a planned operation.

The reputable designer, who only recently suffered the banning of his latest advert for the fragrance ‘Oh Lola!’ has reacted to the situation with great force; offering a substantial reward for photographic evidence. Taking to his Twitter account, Jacobs tweeted his 393,000 followers that he would be providing a reward for anyone who could photograph “any chic truck drivers cruising around Europe dressed in #SS12 Collection”. The Marc Jacobs’ PR team tweeted after “Thank you for all your concern about our stolen #SS12 collection. Onward, upward”, remaining hopeful about the crisis. It’s safe to say that the hunt has begun; whether it will get ahead before fake duplicates are made or the pieces are found, is another question.

Described as consisting of drop-waist skirts, cellophane cocktail dresses and translucent and tinsel fabrics, the pieces allegedly came to a total worth of £40,000/$65,000 and are reported to have gone missing around 8am on Wednesday 16th November 2011, near the Mayfair Marc Jacobs store in London.  As a result, Jacobs reluctantly cancelled the preview of the collection for fashion journalists which aimed to give the feel of ‘a Southern dance hall’ for the forth-coming summer season. Whilst this is not the first theft suffered by the fashion industry it would seem naive to hope that it will be the last. In the mean time, take note from Jacobs and please, stay away from any suspicious looking replicas in vintage stores or street markets.

Rosie Feenstra


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