Live Review: Yuck @ Rescue Rooms 14/11/11

Yuck’s penchant for lo-fi recording has seen some label them a ‘DIY’ band. As Danny and Jonny from the band pegged up a bed sheet emblazoned with the band’s name behind the stage five minutes before going on last night, the ‘DIY’ label seemed pretty apt.

This is by no means a criticism. In an age where divasaurs like Cher Lloyd and Nicole Scherzinger stalk the charts, it is in fact a refreshingly honest approach. Yuck are happy to set up their own stage, mingle with the crowd during the support act and then get on with the show. In my opinion this approach can only be a good thing and it seems to be paying off – tonight’s show was sold out long before Friendly Fires cancelled their gig round the corner.

Yuck also chose well in selecting Fanzine to support them. Peddling a slightly more sun-drenched brand of grunge pop, the bar was quickly cleared. Catchy numbers such as ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Rocket Fuel’ and some wizardry on the guitar from frontman Jock meant the crowd were well warmed up. Yuck then arrived promptly on time to rip through numbers such as ‘Shook Down’, ‘The Wall’, ‘Rubber’ and ‘Milkshake’. Apart from statuesque bassist Mariko, strangely positioned centre stage, the band looked cool and confident, building a good rapport with the crowd and visibly riffing off one another. This apparent assuredness was demonstrated by mellow new number ‘Soothe Me’ (available on the deluxe reissue of their eponymous debut) being given a run out to good response. And although their pedals-ahoy, hazy sound might make you think otherwise, Yuck’s set was in fact a wonderfully well-honed one, reaching a fizzing crescendo with fan favourite ‘Get Away’.

Perhaps the only downside to a top evening’s entertainment was the squall of feedback the band ended the set with as Danny and Max writhed around on the floor with their guitars. Going on for near ten minutes, it was a perhaps a tad unnecessary. But given the brilliant set that had gone before, I think most of the crowd found it in their hearts to forgive them this one indulgence, with barely a soul leaving until the very last tinny squeal.

Joe Gallagher

……… Joe has been listening to Justice – ‘Helix’ …….

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  • Dan
    22 November 2011 at 21:25
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    this is wierdly like the sex pistols god save the queen exept its got better bass lines bu good luck with the next one lads

  • James
    5 December 2011 at 15:45
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    pedals-ahoy. nice.

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