What is it about Vintage?

It cannot be denied that the biggest trends over the past few years have all been seen and done before. 21st century fashion trends have been made up of every revival possible and ‘vintage’ has become the smuggest word in the style dictionary.

Vintage clothing has become an understated phenomenon; the brogue, the leather satchel, the granddad jumper and the entirely unforgiving, probably overpriced polyester dress, have become the staple uniform for every girl that the UGG boot craze left behind.  Both vintage and ‘vintage style’ clothing trends consistently plague our monthly fashion magazines; IT girl icons are never without pieces of revival clothing and now even reality TV stars are cottoning on to the mania of nostalgia.

Of course the widespread popularity of vintage and second-hand clothing is something to be celebrated. The fact that it has become ‘in vogue’ to support charity shops and recycle clothing goes a long way to remove the guilt factor of shopping and surely warrants us to buy a few extra items now and again? However, should we not question why this adoration of the past has become such an inescapable fad, because somehow ethics does not seem to be the answer. Are we all really such desperate Chung-ophiles, so desperate to be in with the fash- pack that we are willing to spend all of our cash on floor length polyester gowns; only to chop them up and end up looking like brightly coloured, weirdly frayed potato sacks? Or does it go further than that?

It would appear that the noughties obsession with the fifties, sixties, seventies has gone further than filling our wardrobes. A revival of tribute- band appreciation has grown outrageously over the past few years, Jim Morrison and Ian Brown wannabes have been well in demand thanks to this generation’s nostalgia for all of the events we were never present at. The reminiscent trend has affected the way we socialise (“tea and cake anyone?!”), the way we party, even the way we decorate our homes, (“bunting is THE décor of the season dahling”)!!

So why are we so infatuated with the past? Could it be that we are so subliminally sick of 21st century stalking and sweatpants that we crave the glamour and excitement of those so called glory days? Of course, in retrospect, the eras we wish we could claim as our own seem more chic than the 2010’s could ever dream of, but then maybe it is time for us to stop pining for the past and embrace the present… minus the leaver ’10 hoodie.

Jessica Newsome

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