And in other news… An Ass of a Mayor

The election for mayor of Varna, a Bulgarian seaside resort, is heating up. The Society for a New Bulgaria Party caused a stir when they announced that their candidate to challenge the incumbent mayor, Kiril Yordanov, would be a donkey. Angel Dyankov, head of the campaign headquarters justified ‘Marko’s’ appointment, stating that “Unlike other candidates and politicians, Marko has a strong character, doesn’t steal, doesn’t lie and gets the work done”.

Marko is seen as an ideal alternative to the current mayor by party members who declared that Marko would run a “positive campaign aimed at demonstrating that there is no difference between him and incumbent Mayor Kiril Yordanov, when it comes to obeying the orders of the master, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. Supporters claim that Yordanov has made Marko’s life difficult “because the green areas in the Bulgarian sea capital are disappearing”. Yordanov was less than impressed, refusing to share the stage with his challenger. Despite Marko’s valiant efforts, Yordanov is still well-placed to win re-election, but don’t count Marko out of it yet. After all, who doesn’t love an under-donkey?

Alexander Barker and Daniel Fine

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    13 December 2011 at 04:59
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    Very good article, definitely an interesting story!(btw the prime minister’s name is Borisov ;))

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