In Good Spirits

Why not have a go at making this delicious wintery drink to lift your mood? It’s easy to make and can be adapted depending on what goodies you and your housemates have in the cupboard! It only takes about five minutes to make, and the orange, vanilla and chocolate flavours combine well to make a comforting, warming treat!

You will need:
? 2 large marshmallows (or a handful of mini marshmallows)
? 1 shot of orange liqueur (this could always be substituted; for example for a shot of Baileys, Amaretto, or other flavoured liqueurs that complement the chocolate and milk taste!)
? 2 tbsp. vanilla syrup
? 200ml milk
? 100ml double cream
? 2 heaped tbsp. sifted drinking chocolate
? 1 tbsp. sifted cocoa powder

1. Begin by making the vanilla cream. You do this, by combining the vanilla syrup and double cream in a jug, and stirring to mix them together.
2. Next, make up the hot chocolate, by heating up the milk in a saucepan on a low heat, and gradually stir in the hot chocolate powder.
3. This drink can be served either in a heatproof mug, or (if you want to be really flashy) a tall latté glass. Put the orange liqueur (or other substitute of your choice) into the glass, along with the marshmallows.
4. Next, pour in the hot chocolate mixture on top, making sure that all the powder is mixed in, and it is at a good hot temperature.
5. Following this, float the vanilla cream on the top of the hot chocolate.
6. Finish by dusting with sifted cocoa powder, and serve immediately, whilst hot.
7. If you want to give it that extra special finish, as you sprinkle the cocoa powder on the top of the drink, carefully hold a lighter about 10cm above the mug or glass, and it will catch the cocoa powder alight as it falls onto the vanilla cream, adding a delicious glazed chocolate topping to your drink — just be very careful with the flame!

Aimee Creasey

FoodThis Issue

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