Vintage Reclaimed

Nestled in the heart of The Lace Market, Vintage Reclaimed slumbers; an unassuming and cosy home to all things Vintage. Being new about town the shop threw a Christmas Launch Party to celebrate its opening on 1st December in true festive spirit.

On approaching the shop with a level of caution, (would we be subjected to awkward small talk with a handful of strangers?) it became evident that Vintage Reclaimed was by no means deserted. In fact, the mass exodus of eager hipsters clamouring for vintage goods was a little overwhelming and made entry to the joint almost impossible. Yet on entrance, with the mulled wine flowing freely and photographers flashing, the event oozed chic glamour and the swarms ceased to matter.

From Steampunk jewellery made from old pocket watches, keys and chunky, plated chains to oversized knits and silk scarves, the shop plays host to a haven of refurbished goods. Also on offer were a range of kitsch home-made cards, type-writers, trinket boxes and floral china; an array worthy of the greediest magpie’s attention.

Despite being forced to manoeuvre carefully through the crowd to avoid upturning delicately arranged displays and china sets, Vintage Reclaimed made a stylish entrance to Nottingham’s growing vintage scene.

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Helena Murphy


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