Wave Your Rave: Fortune Boy

Monday morning, the most painful point of the week where everything seems more of an effort: getting out of bed, picking out an outfit, showering and blow-drying hair, and worst of all, having to prepare a packed lunch. Now I can’t solve all of these, but I can do something about the latter in the form of a Sunday night Fortune Boy.

Instead of putting together my usual tuna, cheese and cucumber sandwich, I simply grabbed my leftover chicken balls and chow mein out of the fridge and headed to uni, anxious to make it to a time of day when it’s acceptable to start eating lunch (I almost made it to midday). Not only did I have a delicious dinner cooked and delivered straight to my front door (slightly lazy I know when I live only a couple of roads up from Lenton Boulevard, where Fortune Boy is located) but I got cold Chinese for lunch, and you just can’t beat cold Chinese lunch.

If for some inexplicable reason you are not a fan of cold Chinese lunch, then you can still stretch one order out to cover more than one meal.  When you’re getting ready for a night out cooking dinner wastes valuable pre-lash time and you’re inevitably going to buy food on your way home anyway so in the interest of saving some time and even some pennies, order food in and instead of leaving any leftovers up for grabs for your housemates, just put them in the fridge, go to Ocean, come home, heat up and enjoy. Food always tastes better at three in the morning after a few (or lots of) drinks anyway and ultimately it’ll make your friends jealous when they’re tucking into their excuse-for-a-pizza which looks great, but actually has no taste and you’re whipping out the aromatic duck pancakes or some crispy chilli beef.

Everyone has their favourite takeaway haunts back home but after a year of Fortune Boy my regular Chinese just didn’t make the cut; my first Chinese in my return to Nottingham lived up to expectations and didn’t disappoint!

Ellis Schindler

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