Blagger’s Guide To… Frankenstein

Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus is a Gothic tale depicting the consequences of the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Victor Frankenstein (the scientist, not the monster!) has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and like Prometheus, of ancient Greek lore, stole from the Gods to give to man and he is punished for transgressing the realms of nature by creating a human out of dead body parts.

He scours graves and via electricity animates the creation which he then shuns upon witnessing the grotesqueness of a 7-foot tall monster. The monster flees and is rejected by all he meets because of his macabre appearance. After being forced to live as an outlaw, the creature comes back to wreak havoc on the father that neglected him.

The monster kills members of Frankenstein’s family and finally his wife, Elizabeth. Without the will to live and animated with a vengeful ire, Frankenstein pursues his creation across the world but exhausted, happens upon a ship whose captain takes strongly to him and narrates the story that we read. Grief kills Frankenstein and his monster laments the demise of his creator, which he wilfully brought about.

Feminist readings of the book identify the character of Frankenstein as being misogynistic as the scientist is successful in making the female redundant in the reproductive process (the swine!) and is able to create life himself artificially. This book serves as a warning against rapacious desire for knowledge and fame; the monster that Frankenstein creates embodies the consequences of his selfish actions.

Settit Beyene

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