Good News for…. Occupy China, Bad News for…. Chuck Norris Mega-Fans

Good News for…. the Occupy Movement in China

Whilst the world is looking to London and Wall Street, a 20 strong team of placard-waving women in the city of Guangzhou are staging a protest in a very different space – a public toilet. The women stormed the local men’s public lavatory in protest of waiting times being significantly longer for the women’s toilet than the mens. Li Tingting, a student activist from Beijing was fed up and tired of unequal waiting times between sexes at her local public toilet and thought it was time for “senior officials to pay attention to this issue”.  At a time when the Occupy movement seems to be running out of steam, with evictions in Wall Street and St. Pauls, it seems the protests of these women are helping to bring a breath of fresh air to the movement, albeit in public toilets. Perhaps this is the start of a new politicisation of the masses and a demand for democracy in China? Or perhaps proof that when nature calls you’ve got to go!

Bad News for ….Chuck Norris Mega-Fans

In Slovakia plans are being made to name a bridge crossing from Slovakia to Austria after the much-revered film martial artist. While, the intentions of his Slovakian fan base may have been good and honourable, the thought of the tough guy being walked over by Austrians and Slovakians has stirred up angst and disgust among his die-hard worshippers who are calling the idea “idolatry”. His large web fan base, who claim that not only does he speak braille, but that he did in fact build Rome in a day and has the ability among other things to slam revolving doors, fix a plumber’s crack and strike people with a fist below his beard, have expressed their outrage. One spokesperson said, “the fact that his image has been tarred in this way is an insult to Chuck Norris fans worldwide”. Many are now calling for boycotts of Slovakian and Austrian embassies and products. Neither Chuck Norris or fellow film tough guy and Austrian, Arnold Schwarzenegger have yet to comment.

Christopher Price


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