Live Review: Snow Patrol @ Capital FM Arena, Nottingham 01/02/2012

After the success of their latest album ‘Fallen Empires’, Snow Patrol arrived in Nottingham almost at the mid-way point of their UK tour. Clearly popular in Nottingham, the band drew in a near full-house to the Capital FM Arena.

Everything Everything opened the night by rolling out some of the key tracks from their 2010 ‘Man Alive’ album, such as the band’s first ever single ‘Suffragette Suffragette’, alongside some of their new songs.

Snow Patrol opened the show with a remixed version of the new song, ‘Berlin’ (although the band remained off the stage). A mirrorball glittered across the screens before spelling out ‘Nottingham’ to signal the band’s entrance. The decision to open with ‘I’ll Never Let Go’ (from ‘Empires’) stood well with the fans, as the energetic track succeeded in kicking-off the show with an energetic pace. ‘Take Back The City’ was one of the more emphatic songs of the night, and the band used a brightly coloured light display to reflect the punchy nature of the tune. In this pumped-up vein, they led into ‘Hands Open’, one of the livelier tracks from the ‘Eyes Open’ record, with a raw, rock tone.

Able to call upon a range of different sounds throughout their back-catalogue, Snow Patrol used a new song, ‘This Isn’t Everything You Are’, to bring the show slightly back down to ground, with the more subdued track. The choice of song was fitting as, following this, frontman Gary Lightbody announced that the band would be playing two requests during the show. The first of these would be ‘Run’, as requested by a soldier who had just returned from Afghanistan. Moved by this tribute, the crowd weren’t shy to sing along with Lightbody to one of the band’s greatest hits.

Accompanied throughout the show by backing vocals, Lightbody changed tact for a graceful duet with Miriam Kaufmann for ‘Set the Fire to the Third Bar’. The mood soon changed however, during ‘Shut Your Eyes’ when Lightbody lifted the Arena to its feet for a call-response sing-a-long of the song’s chorus. With the crowd truly fired up, the band followed into their second request, ‘Chasing Cars’ which sparked a hugely vocal response, with the famous lyrics ringing out across the Arena.

Confident in promoting their new material, Snow Patrol stunned the crowd with an extremely powerful performance of the title track ‘Fallen Empires’. The fast-paced track was accompanied by a burning-red light display, with yellow strobes adding to the fire-like visuals. This song definitely made its mark on the show, and Snow Patrol fully demonstrated their ability to continually create high-quality music, with this track one of the stand-outs of the night.

Returning for the encore, Lightbody spoke of his affection for the next track, ‘Lifening’, as a tribute to his Dad, his band-mates and his Irish roots. After a slower song, Snow Patrol led into two more fast-paced, energetic tracks in ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Just Say Yes’ to end the show on an almighty high. Snow Patrol will have left a lasting impression with this performance, and fans will be hoping that they live up to their promise to return in the near future.

Chris Morris

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    good review really enjoyed the gig thought Snow Patrol were really good. when snow patrol sung run was probably my favourite part.

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