New Year, New Diet

So it’s the new year and the time of festive food has been and gone. You might breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of escaping the turkey sandwiches or anything else (un)creative that could be done to use up what couldn’t be consumed at Christmas Dinner. Or you may be looking back longingly at that brief moment when good food was aplenty. One thing that many of us may be thinking is, it’s time to turn a new leaf over with our diet. But in a world where there is a fad diet for every day of the week, is there really any point? We all know it’s going to be an agonising few months of battling between our wants and our self-restraint.  Why should you have to pass up dessert for the sake of a new year’s resolution that is most likely to fall flat on its face? Besides you’re only going to have to explain to people “I’m sorry I can’t have that. I made a new year’s resolution to be more healthy.” in order to receive some seriously doubting looks that simply scream “Well I bet that will only last five minutes!!!”.

Reason Number One: It just isn’t fun stopping yourself from eating the things you like; where is the point in that?! It’s madness. You don’t go shopping for new clothes with a fixed intent on ensuring you leave the shop with only the items of clothing you can’t stand; so why on earth should you leave the dinner table having eaten all the things you’ve spent years telling yourself you can’t stand?

Reason Number Two: Things you don’t like don’t improve your mood. So why would eating things that you always viewed as rabbit food improve you? OK, so it makes you drop a jean size…maybe. But it’s not all about how you look; it’s also about how you feel and if you’re grouchy 24 hours a day because all you’re eating are carrot sticks and slim shakes then how is a diet possibly helping you!? Truth is, it probably isn’t. It’s most likely changing you into the tired grouch you wish you weren’t.

Reason Number Three: Diets can be far worse for you than sticking to your guns with what you currently eat and doing something like making an effort to walk instead of taking the bus. Radically changing what you eat can cause your body more stress than a slightly wayward diet. Some diets just don’t allow you to get the things your body needs from food. And if you aren’t getting the nutrition you need then a diet has GOT to be a bad thing!

So who needs new year’s diets?! At the end of the day they’re often just a different way of doing something that could have an equally detrimental effect on your body. Why not just avoid the Bridget-Jones-style embarrassment this new year and shelve your new year’s diet along with all those other bit of pointless bric-a-brac from Christmas. Don’t give people the opportunity to gloat when you finally give in; just stick to your guns and be happy being you!

Emma Drabble


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