Young Guns @ the Rescue Rooms 09/02/12

Here’s a question for you – what do you get when you mix the intense energy of Buckinghamshire alternative rockers Young Guns and the intimacy of the Rescue Rooms? Answer – an extremely sweaty and enjoyable night. Nottingham marked the midpoint of the ‘Bare Bones Club Tour’, a 14 day slog all over the UK in celebration of the new Young Guns album, ‘Bones’, which hit number 9 in the UK album charts earlier in the week.

With the crowd still trickling slowly into the venue, Guildford hardcore mob Polar kicked off the night. Despite being the first band on, their stage presence was powerful enough to send bodies flying and mosh pits raging. Musically, however, they were a different story. They fit into their hardcore genre almost too generically; the combination of piercing vocals and indistinctive guitar riffs left their 30 minute set sounding like one long song. But credit where credit is due, Polar succeeded in warming the crowd up.

The second support act were the complete antithesis of their predecessor. Bringing their female-fronted pop punk optimism all the way from Australia, Tonight Alive were a treat for both the ears and the eyes. Their soaring vocal melodies, jumpy riffs and somewhat diverse set are well-received. Every so often, the guitarists would throw in a spin or similar stage move, but on the whole, they were not quite as “crazy” as Polar. That said, they were welcomed by the majority, leaving everyone thoroughly pumped for the headliners. I think it would be unfair to compare every female-fronted rock band to Paramore but Tonight Alive certainly show various similarities –possibly a sign that they could go onto achieve great success in the future.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for. With the lights dimmed and the venue set, the members of Young Guns made their way onto the stage one by one. As hands waved and voices roared, the band kicked their set off with a bang, opening with their new single ‘Bones’. While the purpose of this tour was to promote their new album, the band made sure to play an even spread of songs ranging right back to their 2009 EP, ‘Mirrors’. Tracks like ‘Crystal Clear’, ‘Weight of the World’ and ‘Winter Kiss’ go down a treat, as well as new ones such as ‘Brother in Arms’ which maintain the fans’ excitement. Frontman Gustav Wood is, undoubtedly, the band’s powerhouse; his commands obeyed by the crowd and his every move almost worshipped. His presence onstage stirred the countless mosh pits and pumping fists. Despite accidentally slipping over at one point, it’s easy to tell that the frontman and the rest of Young Guns were enjoying themselves. By the end of night, everyone in the Rescue Rooms had been reduced to a sweaty mess – just as the band had hoped for. This was definitely the sign of a successful night. Hopefully Nottingham will see the return of Young Guns very soon!

Josh Levy

…… Josh has been listening to Phinehas – ‘I Am The Lion’……


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