A Quick Bite

So you think that box of fish fingers lurking ominously at the back of the freezer is hazardous? Think again. Probably the most dangerous marine dinner you can have is ‘Fugu’; or puffer fish. It carries Tetrodoxin, a powerful neurotoxin; just 25 milligrams of the stuff will kill you.

Unsurprisingly, the sale of puffer fish is greatly restricted across the world, but it is readily available in Japan, where puffer fish is a delicacy. Chefs who are licenced to serve it here must undergo at least two years of apprenticeship followed by a written and practical exam on the fish. However, there is still unregulated procurement and preparation of Fugu in Japan, and on average 30 people a year are admitted to hospital with puffer fish poisoning.

Sushi, anyone?

William Robertson


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