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Listen: Michelle Mcloughlin on winning Activities

Amidst three candidates running, Michelle Mcloughlin has won the Activities officer position for next year with 2144 out of 4168 votes.

When we spoke to her, she talked about how much effort she put into campaigning; the “last three weeks of [her] life have been solely dedicated to it”. And appropriately, after all that hard work, she seems to be quite overwhelmed with her win. In her speech, Mcloughlin was emotional and thanked everyone who helped her through campaigning “even those who helped [her] do even the smallest things”.

Simon Murphy, the current Activities officer said to us “she’s lovely… always coming to me to ask me questions to get as much information about everything she needed to know for the role”.

Upon ending her speech, she said “I know it sounds a bit naff but I really am passionate about activities”.

Candidate Profile:

Michelle Mcloughlin promises to make a “positive difference for you” if elected to the position of Activities Officer. She has had experience as a volunteer for the SU’s mental health campaign, is a member of several societies, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, and has been a Karni Representative and Executive. Especially having been in charge of Publicity and Promotions for Karni, Mcloughlin said that she feels she has unrivalled experience as her role centred on getting large numbers of people to events.

Mcloughlin highlighted the importance of wider student participation from all campuses in the many activities that the societies and Student Run Services have to offer, stating that “there’s no better way to make the most out of your time at Nottingham than getting involved.” She pledges to encourage greater involvement through a big increase in publicity, so that the student body is well informed on what is available to them. Mcloughlin also urged for students’ voices to have a greater impact on the running of large events like the Summer Party and the GradBall. Lastly, she vows to ensure that more money is put into activities so that funding is proportionate to the fee increase, with fairer distribution and more transparency in the funding system also being advocated.

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