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Listen: Shabina Raja on winning BME Officer

Shabina Raja is the new BME (Black Minority Ethnic) Officer. She ran uncontested, and received 382 votes out of a total of 470. Raja told Impact: “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for months, so I’m really glad I went ahead and did it.”

Shabina Raja’s profile: 

With an abundance of experience in campaigning and representing minority groups, Raja has plenty to bring to the table. On campus, she has been a Palestinian Society Committee Member since 2010, and has organised numerous international peace and justice events. She also attended the Black Women’s Conference 2012 for Nottingham, and appeared as a delegate at both the Unite Against Fascism Conference and the NUS Black Students’ Campaign Winter Conference (which will be part of her role as BME Officer). On a more local scale, Raja has worked on several youth projects with Wolverhampton City Council.

As the new BME Officer, Raja wants to make sure we challenge racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and discrimination in all forms, as she is representing all students who consider themselves as part of an ethnic minority group. Her intended changes include running a campaign to help students understand how elections affect them. She proposes to challenge education cuts which will impact massively on Black students. Also, in the light of recently proposed changes to the structure of the SU, Raja claims that she will ensure that the representational officer positions are all maintained.


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