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Matt Styles is the new Education Officer for 2012-13, having defeated the daunting opponent RON 3186 votes to 462. Talking to Impact just after the result he was keen to emphasise his big priority; “find a way to use the education network far more to engage students, get out and use the course reps to engage the students and find out what they really want”.

Outgoing Education Officer Elizabeth ‘Egg’ Goddard had this to say of her replacement; “Matt is going to do an absolutely fabulous job, he’s one of the best course reps I’ve ever had and I’m sad to be leaving but it was an intense year”

Matt Styles’ profile:

Matt Styles is running for the position of Education officer, and it is clear that he is enthusiastic about university life and education. “I really do care for education,” says Styles, “Its something that I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years”.

Styles has been a course and school rep and has been on the Student Support Committee, the Academic Appeals & Offences Committee, and the Science Faculty NSS Committee. He is also very enthusiastic about several NUS Conferences he has attended and says his previous positions have left him with “extensive experience” for the role as Education Officer.

Styles hopes to improve the university wireless system and extend the library’s holiday hours if he is voted in, and intends to encourage quicker and more personalized feedback on coursework as well as more student input on university committees.

To implement these pledges, he wants to interact with Nottingham’s students through both personal interaction and social media, but stresses the importance of talking face to face as it “makes people feel like part of a community”.

“I am a strong believer in engaging with the students. It’s something that we should be doing as representational officers, but we need more chance to get out and engage with students about SU issues.”

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