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Listen: Anil Parmar on becoming Finance and Services Officer

Anil Parmar has been announced as the new Finance and Services Officer, winning 1894 out of a total of 3771 votes against his opponent Jonathon Stimmler who gained 1569, with 308 votes for reopening nominations. He told us that being elected feels “amazing, I’m so tired…but now it’s just hit me and I’m so happy.” On celebrating, Parmar said that he currently has no specific plans, but “undoubtedly there’ll be a lot of alcohol”.

Anil Parmar’s Profile:

Running under a mock Ernst and Young campaign slogan, Anil Parmar aims to bring “quality to everything” he does. A third year chemist and current Chemistry Society President, Parmar has organised the university sciences ball, founded an Ethiopian outreach charity and has been a manager at John Lewis and Ralph Lauren. He insists that improving IT support while increasing students’ awareness of it is his campaign’s key aim. Universities don’t consider extenuating circumstances for technological problems so he thinks there should be a push for publicity for Cripps computing centre.

He also believes that both the Den and Mooch need rethinking. With regards to the Den he says “it has the potential to be a really good venue. We’ve got the space but students aren’t using it and aren’t getting what they want out of it.” Finally, he aims to help “sift through money through the grants accounts” with the aim of fairly redistributing the budget if necessary. Parmar wants the union to “offer everything [it] can” to members of the students’ union, considering “next year students are paying nine grand to come to the university.”

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