Friday Gaming News Round-up

GAME has finally entered administration, but there’s good news as well; Osborne promises tax relief measures and Angry Bird parks are set to arrive in the UK.

GAME enters administration
Hours after freezing its shares on the London stock exchange, UK high street gaming store, Game announced it was filing for administration. Although the company aims to keep trading, both Game and Gamestation (owned by the GAME group) face an uncertain future.

Peter Molydeux game jam scheduled for March 31st
“What if NPC’s could load and save your game? You have to keep on their side otherwise they won’t save your game, load old saves etc”, “Romantic parkour game in which you and the love of your life must hold hands and jump around a city evading death and injury”, “You control a mystical rabbit at a bus stop during Winter. You must find as many creative ways as possible to make people miss their buses”; these are just some of the game ideas Peter Molydeux (parody of game designer Peter Molyneux) has tweeted about. And now, after Anna Kipnis of Double Fine Productions pointed out the possibility of creating these games via twitter, these ideas may become a reality. The two-day MolyJam2012 has over 160 people signed up to attend in cities across the US and UK with the intent to create these games in an incredibly short amount of time; there are even rumours that Molyneux himself may attend.

George Osborne pledges targeted tax relief for “our brilliant video game industry”
As part of a plan to “turn Britain into Europe’s technology centre, starting with digital content”, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced tax relief measures for UK video game companies. The HM treasury website states that corporation tax relief will be introduced “from April 2013 for the video games, animation and high-end television industries, subject to state aid approval; and following consultation.” Developers such as Relentless, Edios and Activision Blizzard have responded positively to the news and TIGA (The Independant Game developer Association) CEO Richard Wilson also expressed his joy, adding, “This victory will benefit not just the game development and digital publishing sector, but also the wider UK economy”.

BBC iPlayer available on Xbox
On the 20th of March, Xbox users gained access to the BBC’s wide repertoire of shows for free. Having already seen a release on Sony and Nintendo consoles, the player joins a wide group of non-gaming apps on Xbox including Sky, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Netflix.

Angry Bird-themed playgrounds coming to the UK
Rovio, the developers behind much beloved smart-phone game Angry Birds, have unveiled plans to distribute themed swings and slides to playgrounds in the UK and, the developer’s homeland, Finland. Describing the parks, Rovio’s playground equipment partner, Lappset Group told BBC news that “You have large screens where you can play the games in the park. There’s a tunnel that you have to run though at a certain speed — if you don’t get there in time you get sprayed with water” and also that the parks will feature exclusive downloads and interactive content.

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