Good News for… Besotted Animal Couples/ Bad News for…Residents Terrified by Turkey

Good News for….besotted animals as ram and doe marry

At a zoo in China, Changmo the ram and Chunzi the doe have been joined in bonds of holy matrimony.

The couple’s affections for one another became clear more than a year ago, after Chunzi the doe was seen licking Changmao’s hair and has been busy ever since heading off any male deers that have showed any affection towards his beloved doe. It seems that Changmao faced a lot of competition for his bride but Chunzi only ever had eyes for him.

Despite this, the relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing as last year Changmao proved not to be as faithful as his partner when he fathered a baby with another sheep. However, the zoo reunited the pair after it became clear that Changmao had no affection for his illegitimate offspring and actually became violent towards it, while Chunzi, overlooking her mate’s indiscretion, squeezed through the fence to be closer to him. Truly heart-warming.

Bad News for…residents living in fear of ‘Godzilla’ turkey

There are many reasons to avoid leaving the house in the morning, but Edna Geisler’s is more terrifying than most. For the past two months an angry turkey, nicknamed ‘Godzilla’, has been stalking her property, attacking anyone who stumbles across his path. The turkey, estimated to weigh around thirty pounds, hides in the bushes and jumps out at unsuspecting visitors. Edna is now terrified to leave her house, as ‘Godzilla’ launches flying attacks whenever he catches sight of her.

The turkey is a diligent time-keeper, emerging from nearby woods at exactly seven o’clock everyday. He has taken a special liking to Ms Geisler’s car, making it impossible for her to access the vehicle without the help of her neighbour, who uses a broom to ward ‘Godzilla’ off.  Edna revealed that, as well as making it hard for her to leave her home, ‘Godzilla’ is also unhappy when Edna returns as he chases her up to her front door and squawks loudly until she is out of his sight.

Edna says that she “would not like to have the turkey for dinner” but would “quite like to have him taken away.”

Ellis Schindler & Suzi Collins


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