Good News for Same-sex Couples, Bad News for Clumsy Cameraman

Good News for…Same-sex Couples as Ben & Jerry’s Re-names Ice Cream Flavour

While recent calls to recognise civil partnerships as ‘marriage’  have faced a lot of opposition, it seems that it is not all doom and gloom for same sex couples. While those pushing to legalise gay marriage may not have won over all church officials, the cause has at least left its mark on ice-cream company Ben & Jerry’s, who have renamed one of their ice-cream flavours to show their support.

In the UK, Oh! My! Apple Pie! now bears the name Apple-y Ever After and the tub will be decorated with a picture of two men on top of  a wedding cake. This is not the first time the ice-cream makers have made a stand in the name of same-sex marriages. In Vermont, USA they changed the name of their Chubby Hubby flavour to Hubby Hubby to celebrate the passing of legislation allowing gay marriage in 2009.

Ben & Jerry’s European Social Mission Manager, Ilaria Ida has claimed that, “This is a proud day for Ben & Jerry’s when we can show our support for a cause that’s at the core of our values.”

Ellis Schindler

Bad news for… Clumsy Cameraman Who Drops World Famous Bunny

Poor little Til. The zoo in Limbach-Oberfrohna, eastern Germany, wanted to make him a world famous bunny, after all , a rabbit with no ears is something pretty special, a logic defying genetic variation in the bunny-world. Unfortunately for the 17 day old bunny, he gained fame with a rather gruesome twist – through his untimely demise under the heel of his personal paparazzi.

Til’s life of stardom was set to start with his very own press conference when the zoo planned to present the fluffy creature to the world. However, these plans were stamped on (quite literally) an unidentified television cameraman stepped back straight on to the unseen rabbit who was nestled in a hay bale. Much to the shock and horror of all his fans, including the zoo director Uwe Dempewolf, Til died instantly under the direct blow. They say fame can kill, but sometimes it takes a cruel turn of fate to remind us of just how true this is. First no ears, now just simply not ‘ere.

Lorna Stone


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