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Listen: Iman Gaehwiler on winning ISO

Iman Gaehwiler has won the position of International Student’s Officer. She won 155 votes out of a total of 265, ahead of her sole opponent Claire Belilos, who gained 97 votes. Gaehwiler told Impact“It’s a brilliant feeling [winning] I was nervous before but now it’s just all calming down a bit.”

Iman Gaehwiler’s profile:

Iman Gaehwiler has a wide knowledge of various cultures, having lived in Hong Kong, Switzerland and Austria herself. Due to her course, Gaehwiler is well aware of the integration issues internationals face: “We have a lot of students come over from Ningbo and…even in seminars and lectures you see a very clear division”.  Being a School Rep means that she has had to work with her department and communicate with lecturers, giving her valuable experience that she can transfer to the role. She feels that she’s well suited to the role because she is outgoing, approachable, friendly, responsible and has good time management skills.

Gaehwiler wants to ensure that there is not only integration for international students, but for the whole student body. She wants to implement a ‘holiday fostering scheme’ for International Students. “Seeing as most of them stay over in the UK over Christmas, it would be nice for them to maybe go and have a dinner with a family or something as opposed to just being on campus by themselves. Other universities have events going on the whole week leading up to the holidays so that people can actually get to know each other, exchange phone numbers and be able to meet up”. Gaehwiler also wants to make sure that everyone knows that they are welcome at events, because often home students do not realise that the events are open to them as well. She also wants to get more storage space over the holidays for International Students and more prearrival information for Freshers, on things like money and accommodation.

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