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Listen: Amos Teshuva on becoming President

Amos Teshuva is the newly elected SU President for 2012-13, having defeated determined opposition from Amina Vora and Dexter Morgan. Gaining 2430 votes from a total of 4705, compared to 1419 for Vora, 892 for Morgan and 244 for RON, his victory is as decisive as we have seen in recent years. Speaking to Impact after the result , Amos stated that he was “amazed… I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me out” as well as taking time out to congratulate Vora for her excellent campaign. He emphasised that his priority was “empowering students to be able to have a voice and make the changes that they want”, whilst also affirming his support for some kind of reform of SU Council. Current SU President Alex Cork-Adelman was thrilled by the result, and had the following advice for his successor: “Don’t be afraid to say no. Just say no sometimes, genuinely”, whilst also stating that he’ll be sad to let go, and will miss the role.

Amos Teshuva profile:

Teshuva’s qualifications include being the current Week One Coordinator, an NUS delegate and the Chair of Presidents Committee. He was also a JCR president himself and as exemplified by his sporty appearance at the media day, is an involved member of the university’s first football team and the AU. Through these roles, he has “got a kick out of feeling that he has made a difference to people’s life at uni”.

His focus is on empowering students and “ways of quickly and effectively finding out what students want”.  His policies include using the JCR presidents to channel the fresher’s needs effectively and creating an e-petition system for older students that may not be based on campus. This system will enable students to present issues they feel strongly about and show how much support they have gained, so it can be brought to council.

Teshuva is looking to decrease the bureaucracy of the SU and build on its success. He thinks the Exec can spend “less time at computers” and more time finding out what people want, and wants the roles to be more representational but not necessarily cut the number of offices. Teshuva also thinks that “a lot more can be done with the AU” with regards to inclusion and is against the cutting of lower sports teams;  although he realises that a hopper bus to Lenton is unrealistic, he seems determined for compromise with a Triumph Road stop.

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