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SU Elections – List of Candidates

The names of the candidates taking part in the 2012 Students’ Union Elections have been revealed. A total of 37 students have begun their bid to be elected as Executive and Representational Officers for the 2012-13 academic year, ahead of voting opening on the 9th of March. There are four uncontested positions – Education Officer, ESJ Officer, BME Officer and Disabled Officer – but amongst the Exec Officers in particular there is more competition, including 6 candidates for the Equal Opps and Welfare Officer role. 


Amina Vora
Amos Teshuva
Dexter Morgan

Accommodation and Community Officer
Sian Green

Activities Officer
Sam Dodgin
Daniel Elia
Michelle Mcloughlin

Athletic Union
Hew Williams
Jonny ‘JB Sports’ Bell

Democracy and Communications
Luke Mitchell
Gareth Willcox

Education Officer
Matt Styles

Equal Opportunities and Welfare
Abi Alcock
Joanne Dawson
Elliott Reed
Mike Dore
Matthew Wilks
Charlotte Bell

Finance and Service Officer
Anil Parmar
Jonathan Stimmler

Environment and Social Justice Officer
Andrea Pilava


Postgraduate Students’ Officer
Laura Theobald
Reuben Kirkham

International Students’ Officer
Iman Gaehwiler
Claire Belilos

Mature Students’ Officer
Phil Bagg
Charlie Cox

LGBT Officer
Charlotte ‘Bez’ Bezant
Olly Pendall

Black Minority Ethnic Officer
Shabina Raja

Women’s Officer
Maria Menicou
Rose Bonner

Disabled Students’ Officer
Sarah Martin

Full profiles and interviews with each of the candidates will be available on the Impact website from early next week.

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