Wave Your Rave: Marmite

Marmite, you either love it…or you’re obsessed. Not a day passes without a taste of the lusciously rich, treacle brown elixir on my lips. Its thick glistening texture, running off the blade of a knife is enough to moisten even the most discernable pallets and for me marks the start of almost every day.

Having munched, spooned and spread my way through over two pots of the stuff this term it would be of no surprise to find that this yeasty extract is by now exuding from my pores. But this might not necessarily be a bad thing. It has been claimed, that eating a spoonful of Marmite a day while in mosquito prone areas, could actually lessen the occurrence of bites, due to Marmite’s concentration of vitamin B, a mosquito repellent. True or not, this is an idea I relish (or should I say spread) and one I regularly advocate when on holiday.

Discovered in 1886, Marmite has gone on to be a mainstay of the British home, and it is easy to see why. As a self confessed addict and pioneer of Marmite infused recipes, my repertoire now includes such delicacies as ‘Marmite mash’, ‘Marmite pasta’ and my favourite post night out snack ‘Marmite peas’. But for those a little less adventurous who may be sitting on the precariously unstable fence (as after all you really love it or hate it), Marmite does have some incredibly useful applications. Packed full of vitamins and minerals and completely vegetarian, it fits easily into a healthy diet. Its salty taste can compliment many types of sauces and gravy.

For me, however, its most useful trait is its hangover curing propensity. Whether spread on toast or mixed into something more unconventional, the salt and minerals help to replace that lost through dehydration, lessening that lingering headache. All that is left to say it that Marmite is most definitely “My Mate” and should be yours too!”

Claudia Baxter


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