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Listen: Rose Bonner on winning Women’s Officer

“I’m shaking, I couldn’t believe it. I’m looking forward to making an actual difference doing something and getting involved in the Students Union.” Rose Bonner is the new Women’s Officer, with 1282 votes out of 1944 against her opponent, Maria who gained 616; there were 46 votes for reopening elections.

Rose Bonner’s Profile:

Second year Rose Bonner has been involved with the Women’s Network since her time in Freshers Week and has been on the committee, holding the role of Publicity Officer before her current position of General Secretary. Bonner is passionate about Women’s Rights, volunteering for Women’s Aid Integrated Services as well as attending conferences on equality and intending on going to the upcoming NUS Women’s conference. The role of Women’s Officer is “the next logical step” for her, especially as she plans on undertaking a Masters in Human Rights after she finishes her Maths and Philosophy degree.

She believes that her passion and knowledge, combined with her organisational skills, make her well suited to the role. Bonner ran for the role last year and she believes it was a good thing that she didn’t get it. “I’m not going into it blind. I know how it works and who to speak to.” Bonner wants to work more with the local community, heightening awareness of local services that people just don’t know about. She also intends to create more career development opportunities as well as provide more support for student parents and those with caring responsibilities. Through increasing surveys to see what students want, launching a new website and carrying on with successful poster campaigns like last year’s campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence, Bonner hopes to achieve her plans for next year.

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