A Quick Bite

Burgers are one of the great fast foods of our age, but when did we move from the classic, thick, juicy burger made famous by American Diners, to the bland, lifeless meat patty slapped on a stale bun, which seems to be the norm now?

Well, this is not the case in Nottingham. Annie’s Burger Shack at The Navigation is serving up burgers which are some of the greatest I have ever tasted. This is no understatement; the burgers are freshly made for you and there are many toppings to choose from; the menu was extensive, from the simple cheeseburger to the ‘Navigation Blues Burger’ topped with bacon, chicken, sausage, and cheese, and the more adventurous ‘Elvis’ burger topped with jam and peanut butter. Annie doesn’t solely provide for the meat eaters among us, however; she provides a huge variety of vegetarian and vegan options too, all of which look just as mouth-watering as their meat counterparts.

No matter what topping you choose, the burger is the standout ingredient and is what makes Annie’s so special. It goes back to basics and focuses on making the best burger possible, not the quickest, easiest or cheapest. That’s not to say that Annie’s isn’t cheap. Both the food and drink are great value for money and perfect for a student’s budget. Give Annie’s Burger Shack a try and you won’t ever go back to the bland burgers of fast food chains. You will fall in love with the relaxed environment and great food, and like me, will leave with the ambition of one day having tried every burger on their beautiful menu.

Miles Harrison


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