Fenech-Soler Review

The blend of Indie and Electronica is often a precarious one; there are a select few who manage to tread the line well. Acts such as New Order, Depeche Mode and more recently Hot Chip and Cut Copy exemplify this balance. Fenech-Soler is one such band aiming to achieve this same blend and although they aren’t quite of the same calibre as the bands mentioned above, they aren’t far off. They strike the balance well between the energy offered by the Electronic genre while adding the intimacy of Indie.

Initially pigeonholed in the Nu-Rave genre, Fenech-Soler progressed beyond the pitfalls of the limitations of that genre in order to develop uniquely as a band. As such, the performance of the band served to demonstrate that their sound has matured beyond their raw beginnings to a more crafted sound.

Above all, Fenech-Soler’s set was one of entertainment; they orientated their performance towards gearing up the audience and having fun while they did it. The response between band and audience was thrilling to see and injected a superb energy to Summer Party as a whole. The energy and vibrancy of their performance was personified by lead singer Ben Duffy who’s strutting on stage did not cease throughout the entire performance. Guitarist Ross Duffy also gave a lively performance, both behind the guitar and keyboard, an energy which was reciprocated by bassist Daniel Soler, who oozed charisma throughout the set. Drummer Andrew Lindsay, although more restrained than the rest of the band, still added plenty of momentum on stage. The culmination of energy reached a peak when the band performed their 2010 hit single ‘Lies’; jumping around like crazy on stage, Ben Duffy merely reflected the excitement that swept across the entire audience as they screamed “You’re telling me sweet lies” across the Downs.

Primarily, Fenech-Soler were one of the more energetic acts of the day and as such proved to be one of the best acts at this year’s Summer Party. With a unique and distinctive blend of electro-pop, indie, pop-rock and an amalgamation of countless other genres, as well as synth and remixing expertise as well as song-writing talent, this contemporary band are most definitely on the up-and-up. The tantalising combination of brilliant stage presence and a musically tight, audience-engaging and energetic set, led boisterously by frontman Ben Duffy, proved just how much this band love what they do. With the new album currently in the making, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Ben James and Sarah Dawood 

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