Plagiarism Rife Amongst Students in Nottingham

A recent article in the Nottingham Post has revealed that plagiarism is on the rise amongst university students in Nottingham – but this trend is being attributed to Nottingham Trent students, rather than students at the University of Nottingham.

The number of students found guilty of cheating on coursework at Trent has more than doubled, from 94 students in 2009/10 to 211 students in 2010/11. In comparison, the number of cases at the University of Nottingham has decreased slightly from 158 to 129.

The University revealed that so far this academic year a total of 42 students have been caught for plagiarism. A spokesman said: “We have made strenuous efforts to make students aware of what plagiarism is and how seriously it is considered, and the consequences for them personally if they do plagiarise. The decline in offences over the last few years is an indication that these efforts are having some success.” 

Fiona Crosby


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