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The Queen Comes to Nottingham

Old Market Square was filled with crowds this morning as they awaited the Queen’s much anticipated visit. Both young and old waited and strained above the crowd in hope of catching a sight of Her Majesty, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Earliest arrivals were said to have got to the square by 4.30am, but the square was completely full by half past nine, with workers in surrounding offices lining the balconies and rooftops above the crowds.

At around 10.20am the royal car pulled up and the Queen, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, alighted to be met by a sea of waving Union Jack flags.

Kate Middleton stunned onlookers in a dark blue outfit and cocked hat, and the Queen wore a turquoise coat and shift dress.

They greeted the crowds and entered the Council House, before shortly appearing out on the balcony to wave to the crowd, where they were accompanied by the National Anthem.

Just after 11am, the party came out back into the square, before climbing back into the car and leaving via Queen Street.

Many members of the crowd had come with family, such as Nottingham resident Amy Scott. She arrived at 8.30am with her son Alfie Maden, and mum Fiona McShane, to see the royals, “We’re mainly here for Alfie because he really enjoyed all the Jubilee stuff. I’m surprised I’m as excited as I am.”

For other locals, like June Smith, it was not their first royal visit, “For her Silver Jubilee she came to Nottingham, and then a few years ago she walked through the Broadmarsh [Centre].”

After leaving Old Market Square, the party proceeded over to Vernon Park, Basford, where the Queen unveiled a plaque to mark the park’s Queen Elizabeth II Fields Status.

Watch: The Queen Leaving Old Market Square

Prince William, a patron of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields, made a tribute: “On behalf of Fields in Trust, thank you so much Your Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh for everything you have done throughout your reign to protect these vital outdoor places for the nation. How grateful we all are to you for the extraordinary devotion and love you have shown to the people of this country and the Commonwealth.”

Security supervisor Andrew Badder said the event went “smoothly” and anticipated that there would not be any crowd control problems throughout the day. Although there was mild disruption of bus routes, the traffic had cleared away by 1.30pm and business had returned to normal by the afternoon.

Antonia Paget, Emily Tripp and Ellis Schindler

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