American Election: Yes We (Still) Can

Four years ago, Barack Obama won the American presidential election and led one of the most successful election campaigns in history. The moment he entered the White House, he changed American history forever as the first African-American President.

During his presidential campaign, Obama endorsed slogans about ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’ and made Americans believe that ‘Yes we can’ would overcome all the struggles they faced after eight years of Republican rule. President Obama promised to change the economic situation, create millions of jobs and make America recognisible again as the world’s most successful nation.

The slogan for Obama’s campaign this election is ‘Forward’, which instills how Americans still have a journey to make before their country has completely recovered. It is a journey that they believe will only move forward with the Democratic party. It invokes how the Republicans do not want to make a change to their own party’s policies, which would then cause America to go back into a deep recession.

Republicans want to cut the taxes for the rich and seem to believe that they can reduce the national debt ceiling by lowering taxes. These typical Republican policies that support the banks and the rich is the reason why the economic situation in America is so devastating.

Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, uses the slogan ‘Believe’ for his political presidential campaign and asks Americans to believe in their country, in their government and in themselves. A powerful slogan for the Republican campaign as it attempts to invoke a personal connection with the government. However, the reality of this slogan, asking the American people to believe in their Republican government, is far-fetched as they typically support only the wealthy.

The Republican campaign slams President Obama for not doing what he initially promised but the reality of this situation is that he had walked into a mess that was made by the Republicans. Obama has been honest about how much more work he has to do, which is why the next four years are so crucial. America still has a long way to go to completely restore their nation; there are still millions of people without jobs, a great national debt to reduce and a health care reform needed.

If the Republicans manage to win this upcoming election then America risks going backward instead of forward. They could fall into a deeper recession as they cut taxes for the rich and will be unable to create new jobs for the unemployed. Americans need to be realistic about what exactly the President can do in just four short years and furthermore, what happens if the President does not have support of Congress, which makes it much harder for him to be able to pass the necessary bills.

To sum up just some of the successes of the President’s term, he has kept General Motors alive and killed the world’s most deadly terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. He has saved millions of jobs and followed through on his promise to pull the American troops from Iraq. There is still a lot of work to do in America, and yes we still can do it; President Obama will keep America moving forward.

Kiran Dhaliwal

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