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An Interview with Dog is Dead

Dog is Dead played a live acoustic gig in Derby Hall on the 26th September, hosted by URN and Impact.  Before the gig, we caught up with them and asked them a few questions… 

So are you guys glad to be back up playing in Nottingham?

Yeah, it’s so wicked and there are loads of new people here, which is nice, freshers and that.

It’s good to have some time off from touring and gigging and to just to get some time to write songs and stuff like that, since we’ve been so busy and we’ve not had much time to progress on any of the ideas we’ve had.

Dog is Dead have been supporting some excellent acts over the last year: King Charles, Bombay Bicycle Club.  Who was the best to tour with?

I don’t know, because they’re all very different people, and very different from us, as well, from completely dissimilar walks of life.  So it’s been great, being able to hang out with completely different types of people – some more mental than others.  All of them were just really different experiences, so I’d hate to narrow it down to just one band.

You’ve done three EPs in the last couple of years; what kind of prompted doing an album now as opposed to another EP?

I think that now was the time to do an album. We’d finished recording our ten best tracks and it had taken quite a while and we felt we had the best, most concise body of work.  We were really ready to put it out and people were ready to hear it.  That really influenced the decision making.

Obviously, you’re going to be touring fairly extensively to support your album, going to some great venues such as King Tuts and Thekla: are there any places you are particularly looking forward to?

We always love going to King Tuts – is it twice before? Or is it just once?  Yeah, this will be our third time there and it’s always a good gig.  The audience are always really nice and it’s two minutes away from the bars so it’s great.

It’s a great city – we’ve got a little love affair going on with Glasgow and we seem to wind up in the casino at 5am not really knowing what we’re doing or how to play blackjack!  There was one time that Rob was sitting next to this guy who was literally gambling away his car and stuff like that and then Rob wins £30, leaps out of his seat and starts running around the casino…

…I then tried to make two girls have a photo with me holding my money to make myself look like Akon.  The guy next to me wasn’t very happy.  I think he’d just lost everything.  So yeah, Glasgow does that to people but it was great fun and there are some other cites that we have other romantic stories with.

You’re doing your album launch in Nottingham.  Clearly, Nottingham is your hometown but was there any pressure to do it somewhere else, or was it always the obvious choice?

No, we were always going to do it in Nottingham; we just didn’t want to do it in an obvious way.  We’d played Rock City in December – that’s the big one – so we thought we would do something really special and play the Boat Club where we played loads of gigs when we were about 13 and 14, where we used to hang out and go and see our friends play as well.

Do you guys manage to keep up with the local music scene nowadays or is it difficult to do while on tour?

Yeah, we try to.  There are a lot of things going on in Nottingham – now’s the time, or so I hear.  And we’ve got friends in other bands like Cagoule, Kappa Gamma and Jake Bugg as well, he’s a good laugh. Park Bench Society, they’re from Leicester, and Nina Smith as well.  I don’t know, there are loads of them.

Who do you think, out of the local scene, is the one to watch?  Who will make the next big breakthrough?

Jake Bugg is going to be huge but I think there are loads of great underground bands as well.  I think Kagoule are going to be something special, they’re going to be really great.

They [Kagoule] are incredible.  They played with us in Rock City in December and they’re just so young and so brilliant.  I just can’t wait to see what they do in the next couple of years, you know?

You can find more images from the gig in the Exposure section.

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