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Avengers Assemble At Screen 22: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the World’s Smallest Cinema

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing this year’s biggest blockbuster, The Avengers, at Nottingham’s own Screen 22 – the soon-to-be-officially-confirmed smallest digital single screen cinema in the world.

Joss Whedon’s bombastic comic book epic is the culmination of Marvel’s Phase One of big screen adaptations, seeing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor all band together to save our tiny planet from Loki and a giant alien army (read: cannon fodder). Now, I won’t bore you with yet another review of The Avengers; everything to say about the film has already been said (in our review here), but there’s no lack of novelty to be found in watching 2012’s most profitable and, arguably, most entertaining film in the most friendly and intimate cinema our fair city has to offer.

Located on Broad Street on the outskirts of the Lace Market, Screen 22’s (named so for the number of seats held within) past is a long and checkered one; in fact, some of Nottingham’s older residents may recall its seedier origins as an X-rated movie theatre back in the 1960s, but it’s perhaps best remembered under its previous incarnation, The Screen Room, which opened in 2002. After a successful run, the original owner’s lease expired and the cinema eventually fell into serious disrepair, and many of Nottingham’s cinephiles (myself included) were concerned that the petite picturehouse’s doors would never open again. Thankfully, it was resurrected by new owner and Nottingham Trent alumnus Amy Gathercole who fitted a new roof and floors, as well a refurbished screening room complete with brand new digital projection equipment. At 25, Gathercole is the youngest female cinema owner in the UK, and Screen 22 is now one of the only cinemas in the world to make use of Active 3D technology.

Screen 22 has been back open for over a year now and are keener than ever to involve themselves with the student community, screening a mixture of releases new and old as well a weekly ‘Sunday Selection’, allowing viewers to vote on a film they’d like to see next. This last month has seen a ‘Survivor’ theme, culminating in a screening of cult Japanese dystopian actioner Battle Royale this Sunday 30th September for which there are still a few tickets left. Also recently announced is a joint screening of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous with Lee Rosy’s Tea Shop on Thursday 4th October. Students are also welcome to hire out the cinema to screen a film of their choice, with a discount rate available for societies.

For tickets and more updates on their upcoming features, head to their website here:, or give them a call on 07989737199.

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