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Chris Moyles Broadcasts From University’s Student Radio Station

The Olympic Torch Relay reached Nottingham on Thursday 28th June and with it came a visit to the University by Radio 1’s Chris Moyles, who broadcast his show from the University of Nottingham’s very own URN studios.  URN was the only university station to be visited as part of Moyles’ tour following the flame around Britain. As they announced their visit, Moyles and his team discussed the standards at URN, saying that they were apparently “second to none” and the jingle as “clearer than ours”.

Afterwards, the station’s editor, Robin Murphy, commented: “The show went out without a hitch, and it was great to have the whole team in the studios. It’s a fantastic achievement for our station, but also a real endorsement from the wider radio industry that student radio is an exciting thing to be part of right now. I’m incredibly proud of the team from URN that worked so hard to make it happen, and the staff within the Students’ Union who have supported us”.

Ellis Schindler

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