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Doctor Who: Goodbye Ponds

As Doctor Who travels back on to our TV sets for another series, we welcome back Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, who is sure to bounce back with the enthusiasm and animation of child who’s eaten a few too many sweets. We also welcome back Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy Pond and Rory Williams. The Doctor has had his fair share of companions, but never have the Doctor’s companions had such a crucial role to play. After two series’, twenty-nine episodes and countless adventures, the Ponds are saying goodbye to The Doctor and the exhilarating and often life-threatening travels in the fifth episode of this series.  Whilst we’re not sure how the Ponds will be saying goodbye, we can be sure that they deserve a hero’s send off.

Amy ‘The Girl Who Waited’ Pond has evolved throughout her time with the Doctor. Being first introduced as a child, Amy has been the only companion to know the Doctor from such a young age. Upon discovering The Doctor’s crash landing in her back garden, being promised an adventure in the TARDIS and subsequently left for twelve years, Amy has since developed a fiery, stubborn personality. Whilst she still retains her feisty, full-on attitude that made her such a strong character in the first episode of Matt Smith’s era, we have grown to see a softer side to her, in particular around her partner Rory Williams. Rory too has become a well-loved character; his devotion to Amy makes ‘The Last Centurion’ an admirable addition. Despite his clumsiness and occasional naivety he proved to be just as strong as Amy when his love for her (having had his consciousness transferred to a clone) fuelled his ability to protect his preserved wife for 2,000 years.

We’ve travelled through time and space with the Ponds so naturally it’s hard to imagine the TARDIS without them; they even conceived a child in it. With previous companions it seems to have been The Doctor who saved the day, but in many cases Amy and Rory have been the heroes. Had Amy not given birth to River Song, The Doctor would have died countless times and the world would have been destroyed. The first series surrounded the plotline of a crack in space and time, which originated in Amy’s childhood bedroom. Because of Amy’s exposure to this crack, she was more aware of disturbances in time and space and as such was able to, in a sense bring The Doctor back from the dead, making the Ponds much more than just companions, they have been saviours and most of all, The Doctor’s closest friends.

With only four more episodes to go until it’s time to say goodbye to the Ponds, we can only hope that Stephen Moffat plans a heart-felt, moving and breathtaking farewell to two of the greatest characters in the history of the show. Jenna-Louise Coleman will return later on in the series after her short-lived but impressive appearance as Oswin Oswald in the season seven premiere last Saturday, to replace the Ponds as the Doctor’s latest companion and she certainly has a tough act to follow.

Noah James Gibney

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