Fight Freshers Flu

So it’s the end of Week One and all you Freshers (and Refreshers) have no doubt made the most of it. However, partying hard is going to have taken its toll on a few of you and the dreaded Freshers Flu is probably beginning to rear its ugly head. It’s about now you might be asking ‘why me, why now?’ and thinking ‘I could really do without this’ but fear not, here at Impact Food we have some handy suggestions as to how you can fight that flu until it’s a thing of the past!

So the first thing we recommend is  a hot honey and lemon drink. The heat from the drink will ease your stuffy nose and the honey is a natural antibacterial which has a mend and sooth effect on sore throats. So, while this doesn’t cure a cold/flu it does make you feel a lot more comfortable, warm and, most importantly, it tastes better than cold and flu powders you can buy and add to hot water.

Secondly, one we all know and love… Soup! Soup is great, again, as it is hot it helps unblock stuffy noses, and if you are feeling shivery it is easy to curl up in bed with a mug of nice warm soup and feel that things are slightly better. Soup is also good because it is easy to eat/drink to keep your food intake up and make sure you keep yourself ticking over even if you’re not feeling up to eating anything much. The standard recommendation is chicken soup but tomato soup or any other favourite you have is just as good. The more veggies the better though!!

One you may not have heard of is green tea. This tasty, warm drink is high in antioxidants and gives your body that extra boost it needs to fight off that nasty Freshers Flu. Another essential ingredient for fighting  colds and flu is vitamin C. Now, I am sure you all know about oranges containing vitamin C but we are going to give you some more tasty vitamin C fixes: red peppers, chillies, broccoli, greens such as kale, kiwi fruits, and finally, strawberries. So this gives you plenty of tasty options to boost your vitamin C levels!

But all of this is hopeless without a healthy dose of your favourite feel good food. It’s all well and good banging on about how this has vitamin C and that has some kind of amazing healing ability but when we’re ill, all we really want is a little bit of comfort. People vary with what they class as comfort food, from mash potato to steak or fish dishes, so we aren’t going to recommend anything specific but that you indulge in the odd meal that makes you feel more at home.

And last of all, where food fails sleep surely must succeed! You can feed your flu away, but the magic ingredient is surely a good nap! So go on, just curl up in bed with our recommended flu fighters and show that flu the door.

Emma Drabble 

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