Freshers’ Special: Fair Trade Condoms

Green brand Fair Squared has launched a new range of ethically viable condoms. The condoms incur negligible environmental damage and are fair trade certified. Fair Squared hope that the product will replace mainstream condom brands as a safe environmentally friendly alternative.

Produced in a carbon neutral factory and made with latex from responsibly managed rubber plantations, environmental damage is marginalised, whilst rubber plantation workers are paid a reasonable wage, ensuring good fair trade practice. Moreover, Fair Squared will pay a fair trade premium to help improve the living and working conditions of the plantation workers.

Fair Squared have also made a concerted effort to make the condoms available and desirable to all. This has been achieved through trying to minimise the differences between the new condoms and old established brands.

Firstly, the condoms are affordable. A three pack of condoms will have an RRP of £2.59, whilst a ten pack will sell for £7.49. This will make the condoms competitive with their mainstream rivals, incentivising people to start ‘wrapping up the right way’.

Secondly, as with mainstream condom brands, there will be a broad selection available – original, forte, aroma, ultra-thin, max performance, X-large and variety. The condoms have also been given a CE mark and undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability and high safety standards.

Controversy surrounds the environmental impact of condom production. The collection of latex, a type of sap, has a detrimental impact on the rubber trees from which the sap is drained. Life expectancy of the trees is greatly reduced. However, a rubber tree that is drained responsibly can live for over 25 years.

Repeated rubber tapping in high intensity rubber plantations reduces the trees’ lifespan to just a few years. This necessitates the clearing of more land for the creation of further rubber plantations.

The condoms will be sold in selected Waitrose supermarkets, health and ethical stores and NUS shops.

Rob Moher


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