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Freshers’ Special: Student Loan Fraud

The Student Loans Company has advised Freshers to air on the side of caution when giving away personal details on the internet. A recent rise in phishing could lead to details being misused by fraudsters who may attempt to divert student loan payments into another account.

Kevin McMullan, Student Finance Adviser at the Student Loans Company stated that, “Fraudsters are likely to target vulnerable new students at the start of term because they know new students are getting their first student finance payments at this time. New students are also accepting lots of new friends on Facebook around Freshers’ Week, which may give fraudsters access to more personal data.”

A simple way to avoid such occurrences is restricting the amount of personal data entered into various websites; Facebook in particular. Those who make their profile and details public are at a much greater risk of been phished.

Student Loans Company studies show that many freshers have never even met nearly 50% of their ‘friends’ on Facebook. Accepting requests from people you barely know could have implications. As a fresher you will be meeting lots of new people, although a very small percentage of which may be looking to misuse your personal details, it is always worth airing some caution when entering personal information into the public domain.

Jack Law

For information and tips on how to avoid  go to the Student Finance website.

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    *Err on the side of caution..

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    Err on the side of caution. Other than that, useful article!

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