Impact Interviews… Nightline

Nightline is an anonymous service that offers support to anyone experiencing difficulties during their time at university. Whether you are stressed, worried about exams, having problems with friends or just want a chat, Nightline is there to listen. Impact sat down with the Nightline team to discuss their upcoming Week One programme and clear up some of the myths surrounding the service:


What should students expect from the Nightline service? Well, we don’t offer advice. Instead we let the caller lead the conversation in a way that allows them to work through their issue.

Will callers maintain their privacy? Absolutely. We are confidential and anonymous. If you choose to call us, no one outside of Nightline will ever find out. You don’t even need to tell us your name.

Do you get a lot of calls in Fresher’s Week? Yes, we do. The same goes for exams period. Fortunately, we’re open 24 hours so there is always going to be somebody waiting on the other end of the phone for students to talk to.

What issues do students discuss? All manner of things – whatever you want to talk about, Nightline will listen. You may not think that your problem is serious enough, but if it’s causing you problems and you want to talk about it then it’s important enough for someone to listen to.


Izzy Scrimshire

Go beyond the normal student experience and volunteer for Nightline. Discover more at www.nottinghamnightline.co.uk 


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