Microwave Molten Chocolate Mug Cake!!

Cook in the microwave for just 2½ Minutes!

Living in catered halls and having a love of baking (especially all things chocolate) was not a recipe for disappointment. On the BBC Good food website I found this gem of a recipe, which was perfect, as even the small pantries with which we are provided met the necessary requirements: A microwave, and a mug (of which I had plenty, due to a love of late night hot chocolate).

After testing, I found that this recipe did require a few minor adjustments. Following the original instructions unfortunately resulted in a rather sticky-chocolate coated microwave, for the mixture swelled and spilled out over the top of my mug. However this cake was far too tasty for this minor hiccup to deter me from its pleasure. So I now present to you a modified version, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to win you over lots of new friends!


Equipment needed:

1 Large Mug (I recommend that you use the largest mug you possess)

1 Microwave



4 tbsp Self-Raising Flour

4 tbsp Sugar

2 tbsp Cocoa

1 egg

3 tbsp Milk

2 tbsp Oil

Few drops vanilla essence

3 tbsp Chocolate Chips (or a couple of squares of chocolate)

NB: Obviously mugs do vary in size but ideally your mug should only be half filled with the mixture before you put it into the microwave, to allow space for the cake to rise.



1. Add flour, sugar and cocoa to the mug and mix well.

2. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.

3. Add milk and stir again.

4. Add the oil and a few drops of vanilla essence and mix well.

5. Make a little hole in the centre of the mixture and add the chocolate chips.

6. Cook in the microwave (mine is 800w) for approx. 1½mins and then another minute afterwards. The reason for this pause in the middle of the cooking is to ensure that the mixture does not rise too quickly.

7. Allow to cool for 2mins and then enjoy. You could tip it out onto a plate, or to save on the washing up enjoy directly from the mug.

(Eat while still warm to truly appreciate the molten chocolate centre)

On a final note, this cake always tastes very good accompanied with a spoonful of ice cream!


Helen Jackson


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