Microwave Survival Guide

If you’re living in catered halls your kitchen’s microwave will sooner or later become your Mecca. Rather than resorting to greasy takeaways or expensive university food when you get the nibbles, it is infinitely cheaper and healthier to microwave your own snacks.

Homemade crisps are easy alternatives to chips. Scrub and finely slice a firm potato and place the slices flat and as spaced apart as you can on the tray of the microwave, sprinkle with oil and season with salt and whatever else you want (chilli, cayenne, etc). Microwave on full for three minutes on either side or until golden brown all over. Voila!

An alternative for the sweet toothed is the mini ‘crumble’, chop fruit (plum, apples or pears etc.) into a microwavable dish and cook until soft, then tip in granola, brown sugar and cinnamon for an autumnal treat.

Depending on your hunger levels, you could go as far as to make scrambled eggs. Break and whisk an egg in a mug with a splash of milk and season with salt and pepper. Cook it for one minute, scramble the egg with a fork and heat for another thirty seconds or until set. Eat on toast (for the conventional) or in a tortilla wrap if you’re on the go. Eggcelent!

Other easy snacks you can make in the microwave are popcorn in a brown paper bag, baked potatoes, cheesy nachos and, if all else fails, there are always beans. Remember, keep your cupboard full and your stomach will surely follow. Happy microwaving!

 Phoebe Harkin




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