My Top 5 Olympic Moments

One of my top moments of the Olympics was watching the climax of the women’s road race cycling as Lizzy Armitstead claimed our first medal of the tournament. Everybody was drenched, roaring her on in such a typically British fashion. The way she won silver in those horrendous conditions was fantastic.

Simply being in and around the Olympic stadium was spectacular, yet I don’t want to return after the Olympics finish. The coveted Olympic atmosphere is simply too unique to replace. The sense of community and connection between the athletes and spectators was something totally unique, clichéd as it may sound. Watch any replay of any GB athlete in the stadium and you’ll see what I mean.

In terms of achievements, Mo Farah winning the 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres was the greatest of all the GB athletes’. History tells us it was not our event to win and so despite Farah being a hot favourite I was nevertheless nervous; after all, Britain seems typically geared in sport to heroically fail. Team GB’s success at the Olympics 2012 is the first step to changing our national disposition.

Seeing Usain Bolt up close, in the flesh, shows what a superstar he is. Every spectator wanted to see him; people were standing on their seats just to get a snapshot of him (including myself). What an entertainer, what an event, what an athlete! He wasn’t arrogant, and was unafraid to share his joy with the crowd.

Interacting with him was fantastic. When he entered the stadium, the flash of cameras was staggering and when he triumphed in the 200 metres and leapt onto that podium, you knew this man was on top of the world.

But watching Kenyan David Rudisha breaking the fabled 800 metres world record in stunning fashion was my personal highlight. It was such a privilege to witness an athlete achieving the ultimate glory, a world record and a gold medal. The first racetrack world record broken in London 2012 and the first man inside one minute 41 seconds, clocking 1:40.91, made it a historic race. Despite all competitors racing a personal or season best, Rudisha could not be touched.

Matt Williams

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  • Dan
    10 October 2012 at 00:14
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    Still trying to work out if this article is a parody or genuine….It is entitled “My top 5 olympic moments” and then proceeds to talk about 3 (perhaps 4 at a push) “moments” of the olympics. It is effectively just a chance for the author to tell us all about how he got to go the stadium in person, which, ultimately does not interest one bit.

    Change the title or change the content. Please.

  • Ben McCabe
    10 October 2012 at 09:55
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    @Dan – Lizzy Armistead claiming the 1st medal, being in the stadium as a moment, Mo Farah winning two golds, Seeing Usain Bolt compete and David Rudisha break the 800m world record. Personally, I count five moments there. Criticise the choice if you like but I’m pretty sure the numbers are correct.

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