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UoN Students’ Union decide not to open Fair on Thursday

The Students’ Union announced this morning its decision not to open Freshers’ Fair for an additional day on Thursday, after it was closed early yesterday (Tuesday) for safety reasons.

The decision was made following consultation with societies, clubs, commercial stall holders and the University.

Students who want to sign up to societies and clubs will be able to at “specially enabled pay points in the Societies and Sports office in Portland Building, as well as online through the SU Website”, the Union told Impact.

The Union has not officially stated whether commercial stall owners will be compensated when the Fair closed yesterday due to safety concerns.

Impact has held an unofficial poll on Facebook in which 63 of 67 students voted in favour of the Fair opening on Thursday (at the time of publication).

More information about the original closure can be found here.

O. George Williams

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  • James
    26 September 2012 at 12:31
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    It’s a shame the societies didn’t have longer to pull in the numbers, as many rely on the uber-keen freshers who purchase membership for the year and leave it at that. Joining Reggae Soc may sound sweet at the time, but who are you kidding?

  • LiamColeman
    26 September 2012 at 17:50
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    By George this is a good article.

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