Live Review and Interview: Palma Violets, Bodega (01/10/12)

A year-long project came to fruition this week as Palma Violets kicked off their first UK tour at Nottingham’s Bodega. Although having so far only played a small number of dates before now – including previous nights at Bodega and Stealth – they have already generated much hype in their own niche. The London based band, signed to Rough Trade Records, released their first single ‘Best of Friends’ in advance of the tour, and plan on recording their debut album later this year.

Before Monday’s show, Palma Violets took the time to answer a few questions:

So what’s been the story for Palma Violets so far?
We only got together about a year ago. We started the band, wrote about 5 songs and started playing gigs to our friends in the studio. We played one to just ten people, mainly family, but it was probably one of our most memorable gigs!

You’re playing almost every night in October, across the UK – does this seem weird having only been together for a year?
Yeah it does. And we’ve already fallen out completely! No, but really it feels good so far. Nottingham’s the city, outside of London, and Brighton I guess, that we’ve played the most. We played at Bodega with Savages last year, and at Stealth, so this is like our third home now.

How did you plan the tour – where did you want to go?
We wanted to play as many dates as we could. And we wanted to play some of the most random places. We never thought we’d ever play places like Hull or Wrexham. But we’re looking forward to playing so many cities, like Manchester and Edinburgh. [In Nottingham] We wanted to go and see the Nottingham caves. And the castle! Maybe we should go and see it after the show…

So do you like it here in Nottingham?
Nottingham’s definitely one of the better ones – there are so many good venues here. Last time we came here we played the Bodega, and these kids came over and were asking for our autographs! It was a really memorable show.

How did you pick which song was going to be your first single?
We didn’t! The head of our label comes down and says “It’s your choice, but you’re doing Best of Friends”. They thought it was the best thing to come first. It’s got a big chorus and is probably our most structured song, so it does make a lot of sense. We understand the decision, and these guys know what they’re doing.

So what about the album? When do you expect it to be released?
We haven’t fully recorded it yet. We’ve just done a few tracks that will definitely make it on there, but hopefully we’ll finish it after the tour. It will probably be out some time in the New Year – between January and March.


To open the night, former University of Nottingham students Childhood played to an already packed Bodega; keen to support the local band. Used to playing support circuits in Nottingham, Childhood looked like a tight-knit unit, and the new material in particular seemed very impressive.

Palma Violets kicked off their show in a strong, energetic fashion, and this carried on throughout the show as they gave it their all. Clearly a group who thrive on the live performances, they put on a great show to open the tour. The band enjoyed the crowd interaction, even joining in with the moshing and crowd surfing by the end of the night. The debut single, ‘Best of Friends’, carried extremely well and was a stand out on the night. The songs seemed a bit rough around the edges, but this seemed to befit the attitude of a band that loves what they do. All signs seem positive going into the rest of the tour, and the reaction post-show was that it was certainly one of their best ever gigs. With their momentum building, Palma Violets definitely seem to be ones to watch out for in the future.

Chris Morris

…Chris has been listening to Rush – Clockwork Angels…

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    Such a new band and already on the front cover of the newest NME as part of their best new bands issue. Gonna be big next year!

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