Live Review: Nine Black Alps, Bodega (13/10/12)

After a few years out, Nine Black Alps returned to Bodega for an intimate gig that had passion and a desire to please their loyal fans.

The Manchester band, that have most recently played with Biffy Clyro performed a high calibre set, where the audience was hooked and the speakers were shaking. After massive gigs including T in the Park, the band provided an energetic show to a select few here at Nottingham. At times the technical team at Bodega failed the band, but they battled through regardless and provided a flawless set thanks to David Jones, who had all the experience to keep the band tight and rocking.

Starting with ‘Not Everyone’, they grasped the crowd’s attention and from then on they had them in the palm of their hands. When ‘Cosmopolitan’ came on three tracks in the crowd were with them; there was a great energy in the Bodega, and only a small minority didn’t know the words. This was followed shortly after by ‘Don’t Forget To Breathe’ which they declared as a “hit from another dimension”. In a world where indie and dance music has taken over, the raw sound of overdriven guitars and energetic drums was a fresh release to the scene and consequently this statement couldn’t have been more true.

Drummer James Galley led the set. His drum beats were infectious and he was faultless throughout. It is undeniable that the track ‘Unsatisfied’ got everyone pumping and, with this being the first time I have seen the band, I can understand why. The band was tight and with every drop and every chorus struck there was no error amongst them; their experience really shone through. The chants of ‘Shot Down’ were frequent but they played the set building up to this climax. ‘Heavier Than Water’ was a brilliant performance by what can only be described as a set of seasoned professionals, which is amazing amongst a band which has an average age of just 35.

At the end of the set the band teased the crowd claiming ‘Ironside’ was the finale, which would have been seen as a satisfying end to a great show. However with the banging of his sticks Galley led the band in to ‘Shot Down’. The infectious “ask for change at a wishing well” shows how they are trying to break the mould, but unlike so many they do it for true love of music.

This band are really something to look out for in the 2013 festival season, where I am sure they will be returning after their time away. The sheer energy and love for their art is rare in the current music industry, but there is no way you would be ‘Unsatisfied’ by this gig. I would recommend checking them out on the latter legs of this tour – they are a great band, and one that really should not be missed.

Dan Jones

…Dan has been listening to Satellite Stories – Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro…

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    A great review which will encourage me to check them out

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