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NUTS Lose Use of University Server

The award winning Nottingham University Television Station may be required to move to YouTube after an agreement between the University’s Information Services (IS) and NUTS comes to an end.

For the past five years NUTS have stored all their content and streamed their live feeds to their website through servers based on the UoN’s King’s Meadow Campus.

The University have now told NUTS that they will have to move off the University provided server and explore different options for their service.

Nick Barker, Technical Director for NUTS, admitted that the agreement between IS and NUTS, stating that they could use the University server, was “never set in stone”, but explained that NUTS are ‘reliant’ on their live stream server.

“The live server has entirely been taken away. We don’t have access to it anymore. It has just been remitted,” he said.

The Student Union’s Democracy and Communications Officer, Luke Mitchell, explained that problems with copyright and the huge amount of content that NUTS produce have led to the University’s actions.

“This is frustrating for NUTS but sadly the Uni have every right to do it,” said Luke, adding that the decision did “kind of [take] NUTS by surprise”.

Nottingham’s Student Television Station is currently operating on the National Association of Student Television’s (NaSTA) server, but Nick stated this is only a temporary solution. They are also exploring other service options with the help of the University, who believe their best option is to move to YouTube.

NUTS are not pleased with this decision as it could potentially violate their sponsorship agreements with Manor Housing and they feel it would undermine the award winning, professional name they have built over the past five years.

Representatives of NUTS explained that they would ideally like to move to their own server but their budget cannot afford this.

NUTS will present a proposal to the University in the near future in a bid to convince them to buy another server on their behalf.

DemComms Officer Luke said, “I’d like to see NUTS highlight exactly what their position is, and why it’s such a problem, and then look at all the possibilities, including YouTube and hiring a server.  They need to show exactly why buying a server is the best way forward and that that money is going to benefit the whole student body, and is not just what’s beneficial to them.”

Antonia Paget

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  • Craig
    6 October 2012 at 10:24
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    Unlike what the university appear to think, NUTS isn’t just a frivolous service for a few bored students, it’s actually a benefit for the university as a whole. Together URN, NUTS, the New Theatre and Impact are a package of services which I’m certain have attracted students to study at the university in their own right, especially ones looking for careers in the media. Maybe no one has told the staff but these are powerful forms of media and great marketing tools which the university should be getting behind and looking to expand, rather than throwing random obstacles in the way. Forcing NUTS to be independent is a step in completely the wrong direction; it demotes it from being an official service to basically just a hobby. Traditionally Nottingham has been one of the strongest universities in the UK in this area, but this decision would suggest that was down to the industrious and innovative nature of its students rather than its managerial staff.

  • Dave J
    7 October 2012 at 17:53
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    NUTS should see it as an opportunity – having their content on university systems meant that the university could take content down on a whim. Keeping their content on a site such as youtube (or, eventually, on their own rented server space) gives NUTS a lot more power over what they broadcast, and the editorial independence they’d need to become the service they should be.

  • Dave J
    7 October 2012 at 17:59
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    Wow, I totally missed the comment from the DemComm officer: “…and is not just what’s beneficial to them”.

    If I was in the NUTS hierarchy, I’d be fuming at the outrageous insult implied there – the suggestion that the NUTS staff are making requests on selfish grounds, and not because they think it will improve the content they offer students.

    I don’t know what Luke Mitchell’s university background is, but I suspect it’s not within a media SRS, where it is very well understood that media SRSes operate for all students, not just for their members.

    Yet another DemComms officer who is tragically out of touch with the services he’s supposed to be overseeing.

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