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Students Clean Up Lenton

We all know students don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to tidiness. And let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of dropping that kebab box on the pavement after a night out.

Today however, positive action was taken as many volunteers, including students, took to the streets of Lenton to clean-up.

Two members of Nottingham council as well as BBC News were present during the day.  The day was planned and run by a number of organisations, including Nottingham Students Union and Nottingham City Council.

Through actions such as bin numbering and litter clearance, volunteers are helping to “promote environmental awareness,” Sian Green, Accommodation and Community Officer, told Impact.

The day focused on physically tidying up the area, alerting households to when refuse collections are and answering any queries. This was just one event in a pilot scheme set up by the organisations to improve the cleanliness of Lenton Boulevard.

Through both long and short term initiatives, environmental awareness will be promoted to help keep our surroundings tidier. However Sian Green said that this is not the only message wanting to be conveyed.  A desire for local residents to view students of the University of Nottingham as residents and not just students will be key in making the scheme a success. This will help stamp out the ‘untidy’ stereotype perceived by many locals.

Issy Benedict

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