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Students Risk Safety in Order to Fund University

Popular student discount and freebee website studentsbeans.com has published shocking statistics outlining the effect of the recent tuition fee rise on the health and safety of the UK’s students.

The fee increase, paid by students commencing their degree from the 2012/13 academic year, saw the maximum amount chargeable by universities climb significantly from £3,290 per year to £9,000.

The website, co-founded by Nottingham graduate Michael Eder, revealed that 51% of students would risk walking home alone after a night out in order to save cash.

Impact’s own poll displayed a parallel trend, with 40% of the University of Nottingham’s students cutting spending on taxis.

The studentbeans.com poll, which questioned 1,401 students, revealed that 37% of students have suffered anxiety as a result of financial pressures. Additionally, 20% have suffered depression and 17% have even considered dropping out of university due to money troubles.

Moreover, and perhaps most worryingly, students are being forced to cut expenditure on essential outgoings.

One fifth of students are rolling back spending on textbooks and other vital educational materials.

20% of students said that they have sacrificed hot water or central heating and a remarkable 39% have gone without food. Impact saw a similar trend; 25% of Nottingham’s students said they were cutting back on food and 10% on heating.

Studentbeans.com also showed that students are resorting to risky ways of making additional money. 34% of students have bought a lottery ticket, 21% a scratch card and 13% betted on sport in order to raise extra funds. 41% of students also admitted to selling personal items on the internet.

Editor of studentbeans.com, Oliver Brann, expressed concern about the effects of the financial burden facing today’s students.

“Financial worries should not be a reason for students to put their safety at risk. Whilst cutting back on pricey nights out or luxury food may be part of student life, walking home alone to avoid taxi costs or sacrificing hot water or central heating is really extreme.”

Brann also emphasised the importance of educating students on how to budget properly.

“Now more than ever it is up to universities, parents and websites like studentbeans.com to educate students wisely on the best ways to budget their money wisely.”

Robert Moher

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  • Rob T
    16 October 2012 at 19:05
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    Using those statistics, how on earth can you state any correlation with the rise in tuition fees? I say this for two main reasons:
    -You have not compared the stats presented here to previous years with £3k tuition fees
    -Everything you mention is just about “students”. There are many “students” who still pay £3k.

    I seriously think you need to either clarify where your claims are coming from or stop jumping to conclusions

  • Dave J
    17 October 2012 at 09:47
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    I must admit I agree with Rob on this – it doesn’t make sense for students to cut their spending while at university because of tuition fees, because they don’t pay their tuition fees until they leave university.

    I’ll be shocked (and very worried for the future of the human race) if there are that many students who are avoiding spending their maintenance loans (to the point of putting themselves at actual risk) because they’re saving up to pay off their tuition fee loans.

  • Dave J
    17 October 2012 at 09:51
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    (Just to be clear, I agree with Rob, but meant everything i said after that to be an ‘in addition to this’ comment, not an indication that I was paraphrasing Rob’s comment incorrectly! If that makes any sense at all…)

  • cupcake
    19 October 2012 at 19:04
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    Why do you say students *risk* walking home alone after a night out in order to save cash? Whilst the original studentbeans survey was about walking home alone, which is a pretty bad idea, the Impact survey I saw on facebook didn’t actually specific “alone”, it just specified that you’d been trying to save on taxis. In my 2nd year I regularly walked back to Lenton with friends after a night out, primarily to save on taxi costs, but I don’t think I was putting my safety at risk by doing so.

  • Matt
    24 October 2012 at 23:42
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    Sorry, this is a load of rubbish. While the rise in tuition fees is a farce, in the short term students/graduates face less financial pressure than before, with more fee waivers and bursaries, and with repayments not starting until they earn £21k, instead of £16k as before. This is lazy journalism trying to grab an easy headline, I thought Impact was better than this.

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